About Team Building
We live in an individualistic society. Being a good team member is not something that comes naturally for everyone. We all need to develop our interpersonal skills in order to work well with people, whether we like them or not. Team building is a process that helps individuals become aware of more and less effective ways of operating within a specific group. As individuals become more skilled at planning, executing, communicating and trusting each other, they can work through obstacles and challenges with greater ease. Lack of self awareness is a major roadblock for groups of people trying to accomplish a specific goal. Team building activities can produce fresh insights on how and why we operate in certain ways - this can lead us to greater harmony and personal happiness - which translates into productivity in the workplace.

As we open up to the possibilities of play, we naturally leave behind the limiting behaviors that prevent innovation, co-creation and progressive evolution. Risk is inherent in everything we do. Once we move past fears, we are able to release the old beliefs, stories and self talk that has kept ourselves and our groups stagnant. When we include risk into our play, we develop a deeper sense of trust, self confidence and esteem for self and others. When we share risk, we deepen our bonds, express our vulnerability and realize the truth of our connections to others.
A Team building activity can...

•Enhance group problem solving skills
•Foster interdependence and risk taking skills
•Improve communication skills
•Clarify roles, responsibilities, expectations and relationships
•Create an inspiring kickoff for an annual retreat or celebration

•Clarify/align goals for a group, amongst it's members
•Give people a chance to have fun and to increase creative thinking & innovation
•Build enjoyment of work or time spent with this group
•Strengthen relationships and friendships
•Activate self awareness
•Build trust as well as self-reliance
•Celebrate accomplishments
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