The following is an example of what our staff will plan and bring to your scheduled event. This is for our staff only, but is an example of what you may expect.
Group: J & J's Computer Consultants
Contact: Mary Smith
Date: September 5, 2015
Meeting Time: 8:45am
Meeting Place: Gallatin Office
Number of People: 12
Facilitators: Garrett & Katie; Guides: Gavin & Jeremy
Programs Included: Group Initiatives & Rafting
Group's Goals: improved communication, sense of togetherness, understanding of roles and those filling them, fun, release of tension

8:45 Arrival, Waivers, Introduction of Staff, Initial Assessment
9:00 Icebreaker- My Name is?
9:10 Icebreaker- I've Never...
9:20 TP Shuffle x 2 (each following activity includes a short debrief)
9:40 Island to Island
10:00 Bathroom/Water Break
10:10 Whale Watch
10:30 Eye's, Mouth, Body x 3
10:50 The Monster
11:10 Bathroom/Water Break
11:20 Willow in the Wind
11:30 Traffic Jam
11:50 Debrief

12:00 Go to Lunch
1:00 Gear up for rafting
4:00 Dry cloths
4:10 Rose & Thorn and Goodbyes